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Online Bingo

Online Bingo

Online Bingo, as the name implies, is played online. With the online bingo, the fun has gone virtual. There were days when bingo was played in big halls filled with many people. Nowadays, this has changed – especially with the advent of the internet; as the bingo can be played without stepping into a hall, but in the comfort of a bedroom, smartphone or the PC.

The online bingo games have three types – 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball bingo. In comparison to the land-based bingo, these three variants move at a much quicker pace because things are automated.

How to play Online Bingo

The first step when playing online bingo is to purchase a card. This card contains numbers which players have to match after it has been called out. Also, for people new to online bingo, just like the land-based bingo game which is played in halls, the online bingo game has its methods, rules, and regulations to be followed when playing. Players should bear in mind that the rules of online bingo are practically the same, but it differs a bit based on the type of bingo played i.e. 75 Ball Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo, 90 Ball Bingo etc.
When playing online bingo, it is also important to note that each time a new bingo room is entered by a player, the rules need to be adhered, which ensures that it is easy to play and understand the online bingo.

Rules of Online Bingo Game and Winning

As stated earlier, the rules of the bingo game are easy to understand, and there are mainly three ways of winning, namely:
One Line
The one line occurs when a player has been able to mark off a full horizontal line of numbers when playing.

Two Lines
The two lines occur when a player has successfully marked off two rows of the ticket – which can either be diagonal, vertical or horizontal.

Full House
In the full house, the player is capable of marking off every single square off the ticket.

In the pattern, a player marks off a set of pattern of squares off the ticket.

Why should I play online bingo?

Players could be sceptical about online bingo, especially first time players. However, there are many reasons why online bingo can be chosen over the physical bingo. For example, with online bingo, the cards are more affordable compared to physical cards because there are no production costs. This means that players can buy more bingo cards, which will improve their chances of winning. Also, the online bingo is automated because the Auto-Daub option available on most websites will call out the numbers immediately, which can mark the numbers straight away for the players.

History of Online Bingo

Online bingo is fairly new and made its way into the internet around the mid-1990s. It has grown rapidly since then, and around 2003 with the first online bingo site being created. With millions of players playing online every day, online bingo has gradually displaced the popular land-based bingo which is still played in halls; albeit at a low rate.

The explosion of the internet has also contributed to the gradual decline of the land-based bingo, and result in the increase of online bingo. With many websites with different rules of play, players can easily choose which online bingo guarantees the best win rates and payout.