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Bingo Bonus

With many kinds of bonuses available on the market, the bingo welcome bonuses are used to ensure that players are attracted to sign up with online bingos. The old and new online bingos always have this welcome bonus to new players who choose to sign up with of the websites. To ensure that people are attracted to many of these websites, there are many attractive offers which are put out to ensure that players register.

How does the welcome bonus work?

If there is an offer that rarely lacks in any of the online bingos, then it is this one. Even the newest online bingos in the market also offer this amazing offer to their clients. So, what happens is that whenever a player (new member) makes their first deposit after completing the registration process, they get a chance to see their funds doubled or tripled.

However, the amount of bonus to be awarded also depends on the bingo that was chosen by the player. To demonstrate this, two players from two different bingos would be taken as a sample. Assuming the first player signs up with Swanky bingo and then makes a first deposit of €10, the figure could shoot up to 500%. This means that at the end of the day, the player would have €60 in total that can be used to play with in their first bingo play.

The second player with sky bingo and proceeds to make a deposit of €10. The money will be increased by 300% so that at the end of it all, the player’s account will end up with €40. These two bingo rooms have different rates.

Types of Welcome Bonuses

The welcome bonus happens in different ways which largely depends on the online bingo a players chooses to register with. These are:

Some online bingos provide a welcome bonus for players after making a deposit of a certain amount. Once this has been done, players will be eligible for the welcome deposit from that online bingo. For example, some online bingos require players to make deposits of up to £5 to get a welcome bonus of around £30. Also, some online bingos offer free spins and money as a welcome bonus for new players. For example, some offer £20 and 70 free spins as a welcome bonus for players.

No Deposit
For some online bingos, you can play for free without making any deposit. With offers such as this, players do not need to make any deposit to enjoy the bingo first, and then decide to sign up later once the website is familiar. Some of the bingos which offer the no deposit welcome bonus is Igloo Bingo. With this bingo, new players do not have to make any deposit but can benefit from amazing free bingo games.

This is also the same with Swanky bingo, as players do not need to make any deposits, as newbies can just register and claim entry into the Newbie Bingo Free Room with no deposit required at all.

Players who also consider joining LeoVegas bingo won’t have to make any deposits and get up to 20 free spins after registering, a welcome package and also 100 extra free spins too.