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Free Bingo Rooms

The Free Bingo Rooms is for players to have the opportunity of understanding what the online bingo is all about before signing up to some of the websites. These bingo rooms serve as a taster to get the gaming experience, and are provided by the different brands.

Types of Free Bingo Rooms

There are many kinds of Free Bingo Rooms that players have the chance of enjoying from. Some of these Free Bingo Rooms are:

Cheeky Bingo
Cheeky Bingo is one of the popular brands that offer free bingo rooms. Players have access to the free rooms and this is done by registering with Cheeky bingo. With this bingo, as players rise through the loyalty levels which are on offer, there’ll be access to more free rooms.
Also, when players make redeposit’s, such players will also have more access to free rooms which attract bigger jackpots.

Costa Bingo
Costa Bingo is fast catching up with other top online bingos. With its free room bingo coming at no cost, this bingo offers many with various jackpots as well. For the newbies on this website, there will be a 3day access to bingo rooms which has many free games for £15 jackpots.
Also, for players who are re-depositors, £500 is available in a free play bingo room which also has a £500 daily jackpot.

Gone Bingo
This bingo might not sound too popular, but it has a different approach to other online bingos. It has freebies which are available on a daily basis, after midnight and until 7 pm the next evening. Also, these games in the free bingo room are just what has been described as ‘challengers’. Players can also have a maximum of 10 tickets in any of the free games, and also have the chance of winning prizes.

In the free bingo room, there are also games known as level 2 games or ‘premiership’ games which are played at particular times – 8 pm until midnight. Players who decide to play here can purchase tickets at an affordable rate.

Bet365 Bingo
Many people know bet365, and they also have free bingo rooms. What makes them stand out are the daily games and the bonanza that players have the opportunity to benefit from after money has been deposit in the player accounts.
Also, the rooms are open for a specific period in the morning, and in the evening as well. Furthermore, players can decide to play for free in this room, or decide to get upgraded tickets which can increase the prize pots for the players.

Lucky Pants Bingo
Lucky Pants Bingo also have free bingo rooms which form part of the reward scheme which is on offer on the website. Also, all the new players on the website can rise from one stage to another – bronze, silver, gold, ruby and emerald. With this, players will have more access to free games as they rise through the ranks. For example, players in the bronze level can play in a free bingo room for half an hour from 12 am to 12 pm and have jackpots of between £2 and £5. Additionally, at this level, you can play a free daily game at 9 pm for a £50 jackpot.